ECG Facility Services, LLC

For over 20 years our team of craftsmen, project managers and service experts have been providing our customers with a level of satisfaction that far exceeds their highest expectations. Currently, our business consists of two divisions, ECG Retail Logistics and ECG Home Helpers. And while both divisions are bound by the same commitment to innovation, dedication and excellence, they focus on two different segments.

ECG Retail Logisitcs specializes in the complete maintenance of retail and industrial facilities, while ECG Home Helpers concentrates their efforts on residential spaces.

About our Founder

Ken Ducalo's primary responsibility for the past 20 years has been the management of the day-to-day operations of some of the largest health facilities in the NY metropolitan area. He has coordinated the facility planning as well as the short and long-range development of new structures and alterations to existing facilities. He has managed construction projects ranging from five million to 250 million.

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